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My Works

When Morning Comes

A riveting story that begins in Paris in 1940, when the City of Light is transformed by the occupying Germans into a place of increasing danger for the emigrés who have taken refuge there from other parts of the crumbling European continent.

Flames in the Field: The Story of Four SOE Agents in Occupied France

Reviewers called it “a fascinating book which often reads like a thriller,” “one of the most explosively intriguing tales ever to be told in the post war years,” and The Spectator, describing the fall in the reputation of the Special Operations Executive’s French Section, said “To such a view, the sober intelligence and humanity of Rita Kramer’s book provides a moving corrective.” Book News gave it a star rating and called it “[a] diligently researched telling of the fascinating but terrible story of four women SOE agents who were sent to occupied France.”

Maria Montessori: A Biography

“The first biography to give an unbiased account of the personal and professional life of a remarkable person...This well-documented and very readable book gives a wealth of information not only on the subject’s personal life...but also on the intellectual and social climate of the Italy of her formative years...and on the development of the world-wide Montessori movement.”
--Library Journal

Ed School Follies: The Miseducation of America’s Teachers

“The distinguished author and social critic, Rita Kramer, set out to see for herself exactly what goes on in the classrooms of fifteen fairly typical teacher education programs….Her keen ear, clear mind, solidly rooted values, and pull-no-punches style turn out to be perfectly suited to this quest.”
--Chester E. Finn, Jr. in The Public Interest

At A Tender Age: Violent Youth and Juvenile Justice

What an important book! It reads like a novel. In lucid and no-nonsense prose Kramer relates the hair-raising details that are far more frightening than the terrors in any Stephen King best seller. What makes her book so chilling is that every word is true. You can not put down At A Tender Age and you will not forget it.
--Edna Buchanan
Crime Reporter and Mystery Writer

An enlightening, sobering journey through the milieu of criminal children.
--Publisher's Weekly

Rita Kramer takes you to the edge of the abyss and lets you have a long, terrifying look.
--James Q. Wilson


--limited availability

Giving Birth: Childbearing in America Today.

Based on interviews with obstetricians, midwives and birthing mothers themselves, this look at the ways society has defined the birth process suggests how individual women find different experiences that suit their own physical and emotional needs.

Beautiflly written...I enthusiastically recommend this book to parents and professional readers.
--Selma Fraiberg
Author of The Magic Years

A sane, intelligent reasonable book that women should treasure and doctors should pay attentio to and be glad to have around.
--Alan E. Nourse
Author of The Ladies Home Journal Family Medical Guide

A Book-of-the-Month alternate selection.

Out of print

--limited availability

In Defense of the Family: Raising Children in America Today

Reviewing the relevant research about how children grow, learn, form attachments and develop character and conscience, the author shows how the traditional family is the best setting for individual psychological and emotional development and for bringing up the kind of men and women our democratic society needs.

In a world frenzied with "expertise" on children and the family, Rita Kramer's In Defense of the Family is like a blessing: humane and sensible, wise and imaginative--and written with a loving rather than a bureaucratic heart.
--Midge Decter
Author of Liberal Parents, Radical Children

A book of great importance....well researched, well written, and infused with good sense and decency.
--Neil Postman
Author of The Disappearance of Childhood

Out of print

--limited availability