Rita Kramer

In Defense of the Family: Raising Children in America Today

Reviewing the relevant research about how children grow, learn, form attachments and develop character and conscience, the author shows how the traditional family is the best setting for individual psychological and emotional development and for bringing up the kind of men and women our democratic society needs.

In a world frenzied with 'expertise' on children and the family, Rita Kramer's In Defense of the Family is like a blessing: humane andd sensible, wise and imaginative--and written with a loving rather than a bureaucratic heart.
--Midge Decter
Author of Liberal Parents, Radical Children

In Defense of the Family is a book of great importance...well researched, well written, and infused with good sense and decency.
--Neil Postman
Author of The Disappearance of Childhood

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Selected Works

The dramatic story of a young woman in a Jewish resistance group in Nazi-occupied France.
A true story of intrigue and heroism in World War II. “A telling commemoration, long overdue.”
--Book Digest
“This biography is a singular achievement and a first-rate contribution to the scholarship of child development.”
--Chicago Sun-Times
A critique of what our prospective teachers are taught on their way to the classroom.
Law and Society
An unflinching look at the way a disfunctional system fails to rehabilitate youthful offenders or protect society from them.
Birth and Infant Development
A survey of the various methods of childbirth, past and present
Child Development
How the traditional family serves the psychological and emotional needs of young children